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Diver-suit Blindstitch Machine จักรสอยชุดดำน้ำ SAHL CM-1430 
จักรสอย,Diver-suit Blindstitch Machine
จักรสอยชุดดำน้ำ ::: Diver-suit Blindstitch Machine SAHL CM-1430
Applications of Driver-suit Blindstitch Machine SAHLCM-1430:
1. A specially designed sewing equipment for diving suits, such as neoprene diving dress, swimsuit and surfing dress.
2. Suits for blindstitching knitting wear, cotton and chemical fiber fabric.
Features of Driver-suit Blindstitch Machine SAHLCM-1430:
Inserted with unique synchronous traction device for high speed sewing, that ensures high reliability and sewing strength
Specifications of Driver-suit Blindstitch Machine SAHLCM-1430:
Mode: Single thread chainstitch
Speed: Max2, 000s.p.m
Length of stitch: 6-8mm
Diam. of arm: 40mm
Skip mechanism: (1: 1)
Needle: LWx6T(#11, #14)
Motor: Clutch motor (250w, 4-poles)